What we offer

To find out how TalentEase can help children and young adults discover and develop the real-world
skills and values they need, check out the programs we offer them.

For School Students

HeadStart LEAD is a continuous development program providing ongoing inputs on self-leadership, making the right choices, effective communication, people skills, achievement approaches and skills, creativity and problem solving, future-ready tools and challenge activities. When conducted at a school, it is typically conducted through the different school terms, integrated with the curriculum and school time table. This runs as 45-minute (for the younger children) or 1.5 hour sessions (for the older children) conducted once a week, generally over 20-24 weeks. It is also run at public venues as a continuous development programme.

Headstart IGNITE run as an 8-Session program that gives the children an introduction to the key concepts and practices of leadership. The 4C-4R Model helps them get started on their individual leadership journey. It is intended as an introductory and foundation course.









For University Students

HeadStart Advantage-U, is a programme that covers essential employability skills as;


Effective Collaboration

Choices and Decision Making

Money Matters


Interview Skills

Personal Branding

Future Ready Toolkit