Light Lives

Discover India, Discover Yourself! (DIDY)

An internship program we offer to overseas citizens to work as LightLives teaching assistants at schools in India. We welcome passionate students and corporate employees who wish to spread the light of knowledge through our DIDY program.

Individual students or a group of students from an overseas college or university can sign up for an internship program with LightLives for a duration of a minimum of one week and can go up to months as per the preference of the student. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience India, contribute through meaningful projects at schools that need help and at the same time discover yourself.

Corporations can also enroll their employees for the DIDY program to teach at a low-income school in India for stints varying from two weeks to six months or beyond. Through this experience, the employees will develop a strong sense of purpose, strengthens loyalty towards the company and increases productivity. As for the corporate, it helps in maintaining positive work culture, employee retention, build positive brand image and develop a globally adept workforce.

What can you learn from your India Expedition?

Dealing with scarcity – ‘frugal engineering’

Dealing with constraints

Dealing with ‘permanent whitewater’

Living with opposites

Harnessing problems for creative solutions; beyond copy-paste

Dealing with diversity