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Together for a brighter future

Every child in this world deserves better opportunities in life. Their economic situation today should not be the reason to impede better career prospects and future success tomorrow.

LightLives was founded with the vision of providing equal opportunity for children from the marginalised society to develop leadership and employable skills. LightLives works with children and young adults at orphanages and low-income schools to equip and empower them to be life-ready and career-ready.

These students are shaped through an intensive year-around HeadStart LEAD program incorporated into their regular school time-table to cultivate skills such as self-leadership, making the right choices, effective communication, people skills, achievement approaches and skills, creativity and problem solving, future-ready tools and challenging activities.

TalentEase is the brainchild of two senior management professionals Leo Fernandez and Pradeep Antony who are passionate about making a difference in tomorrow’s world by working with today’s children. www.TalentEase.com

Our Journey So Far…


Impacted over
1 Million+
children, since 2003

More than
parents, teachers, and educators were benefited

colleges and schools in five south Indian states

Full-time/ Part-time

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