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Welcome to LightLives


  • The skills required for the future is ever-evolving.
  • Every child deserves access to real-life education to be successful at work and in life.
  • Future-Ready Skills and Soft Skills development needs early training for a better future.


  • Works with children and young adults at orphanages and low-income schools.
  • Making the Skill and Value difference where it matters – with children and young adults.
  • Intensive year-round HEADSTART LEAD program.


  • A Not-For-Profit TalentEase initiative.
  • Headed by a global team who have worked with Fortune 500 clients.
  • Facilitator Team – a combination of work-world experience and a passion for working with children.
Children impact sessions delivered
1 million+
Teacher, Parent, Educator impact sessions
5000 +
Schools and colleges
50 +
50 +

Making Skills and Values education accessible to all

Our mission is to enable, equip and empower children even in the remotest corner of India by imparting Skills and Values education. We work with children in the orphanages and low-income schools from rural areas and small towns to provide them with equal opportunities in life.

What we do at LightLives

HeadStart LEAD program is currently being offered to urban school children who are able to afford this program.

LightLives serves as a bridge in our attempt to take the program to children in orphanages and low-income schools.

Through LightLives, the amount you pay covers the basic charges that we would incur in helping a child with the program.

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TalentEase program transformed my talents from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’. It helped me come out of my self-imposed limitations. It brought out a wholesome transformation not only in myself but also in my friends

As part of the value education classes TalentEase offered, they taught us honesty and integrity. I took it as my personal code. During my 10 board exams, everyone was copying and encouraged me to copy. I did not copy it because it was against my personal code..

Earlier I never used to come in front of the class and speak, now I gained the confidence to speak in front of my friends and teachers. The TalentEase classes brought out the talents hidden within me.

When I grow up I would like to become a TalentEase facilitator. You are my role model and inspiration. The skills and values I learned during these sessions gave me confidence in life