Light Lives

Skills & Values Programs

The programs are designed to be fun and engaging; focused on building competence and character; and operate as long term program to build real change. Our programs are designed to help children and young adults adapt to the real world right from their school and college years. These comprehensive programs are developed at different levels to suit the cognitive stages of the age groups.

For School Students

HeadStart LEAD is a continuous development program providing ongoing inputs on self-leadership, making the right choices, effective communication, people skills, achievement approaches and skills, creativity and problem solving, future-ready tools and challenging activities. When conducted at a school, it is typically conducted through the different school terms, integrated with the curriculum and school time table.

HeadStart IGNITE is a compact version which runs as an 8-session program that gives the children an introduction to the key concepts and practices of leadership. The 4C-4R model helps them get started on their leadership journey. It is intended as an introductory and foundation course.











For University Students

HeadStart Advantage-U is specifically designed for Pre-University, graduate and postgraduate students with an emphasis on building job-ready and career-success skills with a focus on the placement process. Designed as a continuous course with 8-12 sessions per semester.


Effective Collaboration

Choices & Decision Making

Money Matters

Self Organization

Interview Skills

Personal Branding

Future Ready Toolkit